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John Salib
January 2nd
9:00 PM


The second video of our exposition. Shit is starting to get interesting

November 20th
1:20 PM

Zombie hoarding with the only and only derpy!

December 31st
3:26 PM
August 30th
10:09 PM


  • Ashley: What's that noise?
  • Me: I'm mixing the rice with the sauce
  • Ashley: Oh is it one of those microwavable things?
  • Me: Yeah, you think I'm going to go do woman's work?
August 17th
1:47 AM
"I am not a lesbian, I just have a fascination with breasts"
—  Ashley
August 13th
10:30 PM

The wise words of derpy... the redundant ho'

  • Derpy: okay that not what I'm getting at, its like you dont want him in a relationship with anyone but you also dont want him in a relationship with anyone else
June 13th
7:51 PM


January 22nd
9:46 PM


December 15th
6:16 PM

Such a bad mom

  • Me: You have too many babies
  • Ashley: Well put some in the fucking backyard and make sure you can't get them
December 3rd
10:42 PM
"So when you say she’s not a slut anymore you meant she is a mega slut now."
—  John Salib