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John Salib
January 21st
9:05 PM

a message from Anonymous

are you on skype?

Nah I deleted that shit.

October 11th
3:50 AM

I'm pretty straight forward:

  • Guy: Hey, you're cute. Interested in fooling around?
  • Me: No
  • Guy: Why not?
  • Me: Because I don't really think I'd find anything interesting about you and I'm not very impressed.
  • Guy: I like that.
  • Me: cool.
July 28th
7:51 PM

I hate when this happens:

  • Boy: So what do you do for a living?
  • Me: I sing and act.
  • Boy: cool. you any good?
  • Me: No, I just make money off of it. Really, I'm shit. How do I even answer that? Just watch a video or something, I'm pretty sure everyone who does it for a living at least thinks that they're at least a bit good.
  • Boy: cool.
  • Me: :)
  • Boy: So, how big is your cock?
  • ((PS. This was over facebook.))
February 7th
5:29 PM

I have no best friends.

  • Me: Well best friends to me...
  • Rachie: Well yeah you and me! I mean we actually talk.
  • Me: Woop... I didn't call you my best friend. Well that was really awkward.
  • Rachie: *laughs hysterically* Awkward.
August 11th
6:57 PM

I'm the worst.

  • IAN:
  • yus
  • my hair is so bland
  • its evenly lengthed
  • and i cant style it cos its too thick
  • my hair before was rad
  • with the uneven thing
  • GRR
  • am i a girl?
  • ME:
  • you are the bottom in our relationship
  • which is fine.
  • ;D
  • IAN:
  • lol
July 18th
5:48 PM
Yeah I’m amazing.

Yeah I’m amazing.

July 1st
10:35 AM
Nigga please.

Nigga please.

June 28th
10:07 PM

I hate gays.

  • Shonagh: It'll get better eventually
  • Me: AHA, what is this, the gay foundation?
June 13th
7:51 PM