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John Salib
June 1st
11:58 PM


I downloaded grindr, hornet, jack’d, etc for a piece I’m creating about relationships & dating app interaction and in the 10 days I’ve had it, not one person has messaged me. Odd. 

May 8th
5:37 PM



This is something that keeps coming up in discussions I have with people and has left me questioning where the idea of “masculine” & “feminine” have come from. While this is a video only about the surface issue of “Why can I not express my feminine qualities as a (gay) man” it does bring up the question of, why must we fit into stereotypical gender roles & qualities.

January 9th
1:53 PM


Last year my friend Jean introduced me to this amazing song through her dance solo. While it was her dance solo I was supposed to be paying attention to, I spent more time paying attention to this song! JOKES! Jean you did wonderful, I just love this song. This is a really great song to listen to no matter what your mood. In fact, it’s probably even better to listen to it when you are anxious, sad or in the mood to give up on something. I hope you enjoy my rendition of Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson.

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson

January 4th
11:19 AM

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson

November 16th
3:05 PM


Sometimes I like to rant for youtube, especially about my problems. Especially about actually. Boys are weird. Listen to me talk about them!

October 11th
3:50 AM

I'm pretty straight forward:

  • Guy: Hey, you're cute. Interested in fooling around?
  • Me: No
  • Guy: Why not?
  • Me: Because I don't really think I'd find anything interesting about you and I'm not very impressed.
  • Guy: I like that.
  • Me: cool.
September 29th
12:43 PM

More thirst:

  • Guy: Hi
  • Guy: What r u up to
  • Me: Got a face?
  • Guy: Yep
  • Guy: How hung ?
  • Me: Someone is real damn thirsty.
  • Guy: True
  • Guy: Lol
  • Guy: Background ?
  • Me: I don't deal with parched men, sorry.
September 26th
12:45 PM

I woke up to this.

  • Boy: You're cute
  • Boy: Are you actually 20?
  • Boy: I like that your profile says obnoxiously truthful
  • Boy: Wait, you don't like cock?
  • Boy: No, I just reread that, so you're a top?
  • Boy: Message me back.
  • Boy: Are you ignoring me?
  • Boy: Can I see your cock?
  • Boy: ?
  • Boy: I've got a nice cock.
  • Boy: I don't get it, if you're not gay why are you on here.
  • Boy: Okay, so you're not going to show me your cock?
  • Boy: Bye
September 23rd
3:28 PM


  • Dude: So what are you looking for on here?
  • Me: Nothing. I'm here to laugh at thirsty boys
  • Dude: Pic?
  • Me: Of?
  • Dude: Your dick
  • Dude: What?
August 3rd
5:03 PM

#ActorProblems solved by Grindr?