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John Salib
December 25th
7:35 PM
Also, I guess I’m the devil.

Also, I guess I’m the devil.

June 28th
11:13 PM

UGH this is why I love Evan.

  • Ev Caissie: again , i get nervous about flying :P
  • Ev Caissie: god i fly so much
  • Johnny Salib: welllll think of all the sex you're gunna get
  • Ev Caissie: lol what
  • Ev Caissie: ?
  • Johnny Salib: i dont know.
  • Johnny Salib: i was just saying shit.
  • Johnny Salib: as usual
  • Ev Caissie: lolol
  • Ev Caissie: well it s toronto .... :P
  • Ev Caissie: I open my grindr and it becomes a cellphone shaped vibrator :P
  • Johnny Salib: OH
  • Johnny Salib: MY
  • Johnny Salib: GOD
  • Johnny Salib: I LOVE YOU
June 4th
6:31 PM
"Wow, that’s the first time you’ve ever censored yourself. Is your mother around?"
—  Evan
January 26th
11:55 PM

When you meet someone and are tired enough to beleive that you are totally head over heels for them.