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John Salib
September 1st
9:37 PM

All of this stress makes me want to fucking roll all over the floor. How is that even a real thing?

August 30th
4:49 PM

I must say…

I’d rather people not be in my life than pretend to want to be in my life. I don’t mind you taking a bow out at all. #ByeFelicia.

August 21st
8:14 AM

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Dearest Bloggers,

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become one of the biggest viral challenges over the past week, and quite frankly I’m happy about that. Although I find challenge videos really silly and mundane, I’m glad this one brought so much awareness to the disease.

I will say though, I’ve been watching a lot of the ones that “don’t take the challenge seriously” and their comment sections are FILLED with comments saying, “this is disrespectful.” I don’t understand that. I understand why the ice bucket is used as it is to replicate the numbness that one feels when having ALS, but surely this doesn’t properly replicate the trauma that is actually going on. Personally I think trying to replicate the trauma is the less important part & the awareness should be put first. 

A lot of people don’t know what ALS is and due to these videos, even the comic ones, more people are starting to understand the issue. If someone is not comfortable with dumping freezing cold water over their head, they don’t have to. (ie. they could be uncomfortable with the waste of water, especially as some are going through a drought/water sparsity.) Personally, I get sick extremely easy, especially if I’ve been in contact with cold water. After most rainy days I get sick for about a week, thus this wouldn’t be the smartest challenge for me to do. Also, think about it like this: Would you rather they ignore the challenge all together or make a comedic version that may cause “x” amount of people to watch and in turn think about donating. 

Not abiding by the challenge is NOT making fun of the disease, but making fun of the challenge itself. So think about it, how can one be disrespectful to a challenge.

As usual, I’m open to your thoughts and feedback and would love to hear back from any of you. 

August 19th
11:34 PM

To all my friends who support and love me. Thank-you.

August 16th
2:25 PM

Onward Soldier.


My Dearest Bloggers,

I think my last written out update was way back in June after PRIDE CAB, so there is quite a bit to fill you in on. My life has been extremely busy as per usual, but I think I’m going to have a little break soon. 

My July was quite restful, there wasn’t too much going on. The month started off with a commercial shoot which was a terrible amount of fun. This had been the first commercial shoot where I met a personality that worked so well with mine. It was also so great to get back in front of the camera again. It has been so long since I have been in front of the camera and hopefully I’ll be there again soon. I started teaching again this July! I’m actually very happy to announce that. Although I don’t know where my teaching career will go/will take me. The month ended with the beginnings of rehearsals for an amazing show called “Graceful Rebellions.”

August has been extremely, extremely busy for me. I haven’t been able to take a seat all month. Working on “Graceful Rebellions” has been such a great dream. Shaista & evalyn have been a pleasure to work with. Shaista is no stranger to me as she helped me with my own piece “Oasis Love,” which I am somewhat hoping to reuse and put into a bigger piece. Either way, “Graceful Rebellions” closes tonight and it’s going to be a bit sad to say goodbye to such a great production, but I am so proud of everyone who has worked on this piece. It is mind blowing and moving and I hope to one day further my work with Shaista. 

My plans for the future are a bit hazy at the moment. I am applying for the Young Creators Unit at Buddies, but I haven’t fully selected what piece I’m going to be bringing in. Over the past two months I started writing a piece that has now subdivided into three. I’ve sent off some of my scripts to a couple of friends to see what they think I should move forward with, and hopefully I’ll get a response from them soon. I still have time, and I can continue writing while in this program, so I’m not too worried. This program will also give me another chance to work with evalyn, who has been a great director to watch over the past month. 

I’m super excited for the opportunities I’ve been getting and for the colleagues I’ve been meeting. This year will be bigger than ever for me and I’m ready for it! 

Oh I almost forgot! I’ve started a newsletter! If you want to be added to the list click here

August 6th
6:11 AM

You know when someone’s a terrible person and they say they’re going to change, but they never do… and then on top of that they play it off as if they are the best person ever and like they never do anything wrong?

Yeah, I hate people like you, and trust me hate is a strong word.

July 22nd
11:07 AM

today was stellar 


today was stellar 

June 21st
12:45 AM


oh shit we’re super cute


May 14th
2:39 AM
May 6th
4:40 PM


#Sia - #Chandelier (Official Video)

This music video makes me think of my college training, and quite frankly is exactly what I wanted to do with my music video for “The Final Track.” I feel like it enhances the song so much more and gives it a much more powerful meaning.