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John Salib
August 8th
12:38 AM

ASK ME!? TROLL ME!? Please?

Boredom. I will answer anything, no matter how personal at this point.

July 26th
3:21 PM
July 3rd
12:44 AM

a message from Anonymous

you just seem like you'd be up tapping anyone in toronto

#1. I would never just “tap anyone.” I’m a tiny bit classier than that and by a tiny bit, I mean a bit more classy.

#2. You’re on the internet, you don’t know me. I know that is very cliché for me to say, but let’s be honest… I have an internet persona. I realize my persona is very sexualized, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect who I am. I refuse to sleep with anyone who doesn’t have specific attributes to them that attracts me to them. I would never “tap” anyone just for being hot. Trust me, I would have had a lot of sex by now, and probably a ton of STDs and STIs. 

#3. I rarely meet interesting men in Toronto. I’m ready for the hate when I say this. A lot of the gay men I meet here are assholes or are very uninteresting. That’s why it takes me so long to be in a relationship. Also, why do you think I stuck in a relationship with Alexi for so long. I stick to good things, I don’t bounce from object to object. It’s the same with my material items as it is for my boys. I have been wearing the same clothes I have worn for years, until I feel like it’s ready to retire them. I don’t “change my phone” when I get bored of it. Even though blackberries can be really shitty. I’ve been using the same laptop for 3 years now, even though it’s not the best macbook out there. I have been using the same headphones since I bought them, even though the left ear has distortion in it and I broke the original connection cable. I still wear the same glasses I had since grade 10. Sticking to things is what I do. Obviously… I’m still a freaking musician and an actor… that’s a super hard commitment to be in. 

#4. It’s time for you to stop trolling my ask box, especially about Alexi and my relations with others. You obviously have nothing important to say about either. If you’re attempting to put me down, I don’t get it. I’M ON THE INTERNET. Did you want Alexi or something? I could hardly believe so, because the most you probably know about him are the youtube videos we used to post. Do you want to be with me? Ha! If you did you would know this isn’t good flirting. Do you have something against me? Good. Because your hate gives me something to do, other than finger bitches. 

#5. SMD. My whore legs are spread. 


March 14th
2:21 AM

Hi, I’m Ev. I didn’t know how to change my profile picture….


…Thank god I was in Toronto, cause my super amazing good friend Johnny taught me how to do the simplest task on earth.

even though he got lost doing it.


I’m a troll. <3

January 21st
10:34 PM


January 11th
10:04 PM

Pardon me as I start trollin’ in the deep.