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John Salib
December 6th
5:56 AM


Hello Bloggers,

I am pleased to announce that The Final Track will be on Distant Star. A lot of people may know this song as the track I NEVER wanted to release, but did on YouTube in a moment of extreme… whatever you want to call it! This song was also featured in Deficiency Syndrome. I’m so proud of how far this song has come. Please enjoy the demo of this song, and let me tell you… the Final version? Mwah! 

November 22nd
4:45 PM


10 years ago a very important person in my life passed away. So, on this day I commemorate her life and the impact she took on my life. I’m a bit sad that today wasn’t the release of Distant Star, but I know it’s all for the best. Instead I dedicate this cover to you.

Within Temptation - Our Farewell

November 21st
6:53 PM


I did this cover a while ago. It’s of a really underrated Britney Spears song. Obviously, this is one of her more emotional songs that she released in the earlier stages of her career, but who could ever forget it. I hope you enjoy my version.

Everytime - Britney Spears

October 5th
7:26 PM

I Dreamed A Dream - Les Mis

July 1st
7:43 PM

Dancing on my Own - Robyn

Not my best cover to this date. Welcome to Hangover Mondays.

April 7th
4:23 PM

Tango Maureen - RENT

Glowpinkstah ft. oOoForsakenoOo

I forgot this happened. 

January 22nd
8:21 AM


Rolling in the Deep / Judas / Bad Romance - Adele and Lady Gaga

To this day I still do this mashup, but now there are about 8 songs in it.

December 9th
5:33 PM

Die Young - Ke$ha

November 14th
1:21 AM

The Final Track - John Salib

October 13th
7:58 PM

The Author Wrote the End - John Salib